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Robbing Republics

It’s unfortunate but I believe the stock market has become a critical battleground for our sovereignty. By manipulating its tax laws a government can effectively transfer money intended for serving its citizens from its treasury to an open stock market accessible to foreign investment for any undisclosed purpose. This is basically how the Russian oligarchy […]

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The Temper Tantrum of January 2021

Ever since consensus on Biden’s election victory hardened in November I’ve been hearing Trump supporters talk threateningly about a civil war. I would always brush the threat aside because I know one thing is very clear… Neither Trump, nor his supporters have an actual vision for the future so there is nothing to actually fight […]


About that “Peace” Deal

Recently, I had a discussion with a conservative friend who mentioned Trump’s success in brokering peace in the Middle East. Of course this is something presidents have been trying for decades. The “peace deal” that she was referring to is the Abrahamic Accord since that’s what the conservative media is calling a “peace treaty”. Here’s […]

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Trump’s “Economy”

This is a response to a post on facebook suggesting that “Trumps economy is back down to about the same as Obamas high point, and that is after a pandemic, riots, and intentional sabotage the whole way through by Democratic partisans.” I’ll assume by “high point” you are referring to the GDP Growth Rate. That […]

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The Prequel to Our Independence

In 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, thereby ending legal slavery. From there began a new struggle toward legal equality for black people that took another century to accomplish. But the emancipation movement actually started a century prior. This perspective is one of many omissions in our history curriculum. Perhaps the omissions clear room […]

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Election Tricks

When it comes to electing a President of the United States of America, we use a very convoluted AND antiquated system that remains in place to this day because ironically, even the problems are advantageous to some. Unfortunately, American citizens on average are proving to be woefully ignorant of what these problems are. First off, […]

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The Jobless Rate Is Not 3.5% It’s 37%

There’s a lot of happy talk about the incredibly low unemployment rate these days but it’s a misleading statistic. As Erik Sherman explains in an April 2018 op-ed for Forbes Magazine, “the unemployment rate is the ratio of the number of unemployed people to the total workforce, which itself is the sum of the employed […]

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NAFTA vs USMCA: The Best of Shadow Boxing

  “It’s a disaster. … We will either renegotiate it, or we will break it. Because, you know, every agreement has an end. … Every agreement has to be fair. Every agreement has a defraud clause. We’re being defrauded by all these countries.” – Trump talking about NAFTA during an interview on 60 Minutes in […]

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“Left” Accused of Hating “Patriotism”

USAToday published an opinion on 7/5/2019 by Gary Varvel, entitled “The real reason why the left was against Donald Trump’s July 4 speech“. As you can imagine, this is a right-wing reaction to the agitation in the media regarding Trump’s decision to break a long-standing tradition by inserting himself into the ceremonies with a presidential […]

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A Great American Irony

One of the great American ironies is the fierce dedication and support that self-described adversaries of socialism have for our most predominate socialist systems. Indications of this dedication and support appear in the traffic streams of bumper stickers as tributes to various “thin lines” that protect the people from all the dangers that threaten them. […]