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“Left” Accused of Hating “Patriotism”

USAToday published an opinion on 7/5/2019 by Gary Varvel, entitled “The real reason why the left was against Donald Trump’s July 4 speech“. As you can imagine, this is a right-wing reaction to the agitation in the media regarding Trump’s decision to break a long-standing tradition by inserting himself into the ceremonies with a presidential […]

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Antifa in Context

Antifa is a subject that often comes up in discussions with my right-leaning friends. To me it often seems like a “go-to” when they need something they think is associated with the left and is easy to demonize. Despite our political differences, my friends and I do consider each other decent people; it’s just that […]

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Viral Memes and the Left/Right Delusion

Have a look at this viral meme… We’ve probably all seen this before… I know I have – enough to where I feel compelled to explain a few things for the sake of preserving our language and our national sanity… First of all, let me just say that no one should be educating themselves with […]

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Myth: Arabs Always Start The Fights

As an anti-Zionist, I often find myself confronted with extremely popular but unfounded claims such as the idea that Arab nations are always attacking Israel and loosing. Here’s a particular quote from an online discussion… “The Arabs were defeated every time and still provoke war..” This is part of the culture war, where an entire […]

Politics Wiping Off Spit

IRS Targets Conservatives? Get Real.

Now I’ve heard everything. The latest ruckus amid the ruffled feathers of the dumbest birds in the developed world is that the IRS is targeting conservatives for audits. So far nothing substantial has come out of this and although Obama during his trip to the UK addressed the issue publicly, saying that every effort will […]