A Collapse of Some Kind

Here’s an interesting analysis. I took this right out of the Wired Magazine article that I mentioned in my “Jobs are not Us” post. “Agriculture jobs provided decent livelihoods for at least 80 years before the rules changed and working in the factory became the norm. Those industrial jobs endured for 40 some years before […]

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Guantanamo Bay

I’m trying to understand this one. The detainees in Guantanamo Bay. Rumsfeld called them “the most dangerous, best-trained vicious killers on the face of the earth.” Dick Cheney said these detainees are “devoted to killing millions of Americans.” I agree that people like that should be contained… (or executed actually, which is where I differ […]

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Mercury Emissions and the EPA

Just read about this on the NRDC site… NRDC and other environmental groups leaked a draft Environmental Protection Agency proposal that would weaken and delay efforts to clean up mercury emissions from America’s coal-fired power plants. The article goes on to explain that those 1,100 facilities are the largest unregulated industrial sources of mercury contamination […]

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Do the Rich Really Need the Breaks?

Here’s something I’ve heared a hundred times… “…Yeah, but the rich pay way more taxes than anyone else…” Words dispensed as indisputable evidence that the rich deserve the tax breaks being delivered by the Bush administration. Of course they’re talking about income tax and it’s true, the rich have been paying more income tax, but […]