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Public health care more effecient than private health care…?

Incoming stat… Where is the money [spent on health care] going? According to Paul Krugman, a lot of it goes to overhead. A recent study found that private insurance companies spend 11.7 cents of every health care dollar on administrative costs, mainly advertising and underwriting, compared with 3.6 cents for Medicare and 1.3 cents for […]

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Science and Miracles

Irony is the effort people spend trying to discredit the theory of evolution by “scientifically proving” it’s impossibility, thereby clearing the way for their own “truth” which they basically explain as a miracle…


50 Million Deaths

quick overall reference to causes of death world-wide. The terrorist threat, which the Bush administration insists is our greatest threat is actually too small to even show on this graph, so I had to toss it into the bigger bucket of famines, wars, violence and aging, which STILL doesn’t exceed some of the other threats […]


Presidential Matchups

The race for the democrat ticket is getting interesting now. I kinda get the feeling that this is the closest we will ever get to having a choice. The elections in November will be stuck in that bi-polar lockup. That conversation I told you about in my last post was started by one of the […]

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Declining Middle-Class? Sell Cheap in Bulk

Apple and Pepsi got a deal going where Pepsi drinkers may find codes in their Pepsi bottles for a free song download from the iTunes Music Store. Apple and Pepsi will be giving away 100 million songs during this promo zap, obviously aimed at the lucrative teenage music collectors. Pepsi kicked off it’s multimillion dollar […]