Power and Theories

I recently found a discussion in which someone had mentioned the American Nazi party and was asking for opinions about what the consequences would be if the Nazis came to power in America. The scenario struck me as being a very typical product of the mind-set of the American mainstream and so I decided to […]


Bush Sells Our Forests

Just read an article in the Washington Post about the new rules issued by the Bush administration last Wednesday for managing the national forests – New Rules Issued for National Forests. The article states that this new set of rules creates the biggest change in forest-use policies in nearly three decades and effects all 192 […]

Economics Politics

Privatizing Social Security: Who’s Money is it Anyway?

I watched Bush this morning talk during the press conference about the partial privatization of Social Security. He keeps saying it’s our money and we should be able to invest it in our own private accounts. That may sound like a nice thing to say and it fits that whole “take control back from the […]