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A Great American Irony

One of the great American ironies is the fierce dedication and support that self-described adversaries of socialism have for our most predominate socialist systems.

Indications of this dedication and support appear in the traffic streams of bumper stickers as tributes to various “thin lines” that protect the people from all the dangers that threaten them. A blue line representing the police, a red line representing the firefighters, yellow for dispatchers, search and rescue, green for the border patrol and/or the military.

Naturally, the first image that comes to mind are the men and women that risk their lives to serve that purpose, not so much the systems that provide the means to do it.

But the fact remains… The systems that provide the means are a big part of what makes the lines work and they are almost entirely socialist systems.

As always, the reason for a socialist solution can be explained simply by looking at the capitalist bottom line… There’s really no profit in safeguarding the people from the dangers that threaten them. If a working mother struggling to pay rent is under assault, who is going to pay the police to protect her? If a retired couple living of an anemic retirement account find themselves engulfed in flames, who is going to pay the fire fighters to rescue them? Just try drawing up a business plan for any of that. Capitalism is great for consumer markets but there’s a good reason why emergences in America have been handled by socialist systems for over a century now.

So as the 2020 elections draw near and the Trump campaign starts using socialism as a derogatory term to criticize his opponents and invoke a Pavlov response at his rallies, it may be worth remembering how much of what keeps America safe ARE in fact the very successful socialist systems that we’ve been depending on for generations.