My name is Nigel Deans. I am a computer programmer based in California with an interest in social commentary. Having been brought up in California by an immigrant family, I have learned to see things from more than one cultural perspective. Having spent years involved with business intelligence technology, I learned that many perspectives can come from a single data set. I’d like to share my perspective on these perspectives… it’s something I like to call a “metaspective”.

This is my personal blog that is for the most part focused on cultural and political perspectives that I think are often overshadowed, and sometimes intentionally dismissed by stronger influences on the herd. Therefore, these perspectives may seem at times, surprising, hopefully revealing but I’m sure unpopular as well. I try to be objective, but I don’t have the time to be anything other than selective. So there we go.

The site is NOT affiliated with ANY political or social movements and is ONLY the personal reflection of a free-thinking American. I list sources but do not vouch for the accuracy of those sources and my opinions expressed here are only the results of my own critical reactions to what I learn about. I’ve figured out how to deal with the spam comments so, I’ve turned comments back on, though I make no promises about response. I seem to have a lot of other things to do. 😉