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WBT’s Katz on Gay Penguins

This is a letter to Jeff Katz, a radio personality in North Carolina who recently broadcasted his opinions on WBTabout a children’s storybook about two gay penguins. Hi Jeff – I just happened to catch your show about gay penguins yesterday. You said that this story of the two male penguins was a way of […]

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Two Cents On Freedom

I think freedom is a simple concept that nevertheless has convoluted effects on human society. So when people refer to applied freedom as an absolute value, I tend to disagree. I believe the zero-sum theory applies where freedom is relative to those who are unbound and inverse to those who are restricted. In other words, […]


Taking Credit for the Fall of Communism

I hear these talking heads like Sean Hannity constantly bring up the idea that Reagan won the war against communism and brought the Soviet Union crashing down. I’m not so sure that’s anything more than rhetorical fantasy. I think the collapse of the Soviet Union would have eventually happened no matter who the president was. […]